Do Rodney Tom’s actions reflect our values?

Senator Rodney Tom cut a deal with Republicans last December that shifted the balance of power in the state Senate. Tom agreed to switch sides to create a Republican majority in the Senate. In exchange, Republicans made Tom their Majority Leader.

Once in power, Tom promoted conservatives to lead the Senate’s most important committees. As a result, a climate-change skeptic is in charge of environmental regulation, an NRA-endorsed “A+” senator decides our gun laws, and an anti-choice senator oversees the health care committee.

Because of Tom’s decision to caucus with Republicans, the middle class faces budget-cuts, conservative legislation, and a compromised social safety net.

Blocking Choice and Opportunity

Tom has also repeatedly stated that he supports the Reproductive Parity Act (RPA) and the Washington Dream Act – but has prevented both of these bills from having a vote in Senate, despite the fact that both bills would pass if they were given a chance for a vote.

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Tom's Republican Committee Chairs

As quid pro quo for making him Senate Majority Leader, Rodney Tom appointed far–right, anti–choice, and anti–labor Republicans to chair the Senate’s most influential committees. By putting the wrong people in power, Tom ensured that common–sense and broadly–supported legislation would die in committee.

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Tom's Conservative Agenda

As Senate Majority Leader, Rodney Tom has sponsored a number of bills that would have a negative impact on working families in his district and across the state.

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